Ryan Lei, Ph.D

Lab Director

I received my Ph.D in psychology from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL., and most recently did a postdoctoral fellowship at New York University. My research takes an intersectional approach at examining processes of stereotyping and prejudice. Specifically, I examine how social biases such as racism differ depending on other categories, such as gender (so, does anti-Black bias manifest in the same way for Black boys and Black girls). When not working, I love to watch Broadway shows and play with my dog Eirene.

Alana Tartaro

Lab Manager

After graduating from Haverford College in 2017, I spent two years working as a preschool teacher. Through my work with preschoolers, I gained an interest in how children process the world around them and develop bias. When not working, I like to spend time in nature and to play board games with my three roommates


Christian Yun

Research Assistant

 I'm excited to engage with research that investigates how children develop stereotypes and prejudices from an intersectional approach. My interest in the topic stems from my formative childhood experiences with prejudice and stereotypes. I enjoy listening to all types of music and skateboarding when I've got the time. 

Titi Bekele

Research Assistant

Volunteering in an orphanage, I had always observed what babies did and said, but I had never understood the reasons behind their actions. After taking developmental psychology during my sophomore year, I became interested in learning about how children group different people in a certain race and how they learn to acquire racial and gender stereotypes and prejudice from their environments. When not working, I like watching Ethiopian movies and talking with friends and family back home. 

Natalie Williams

Research Assistant

After being a camp counselor for three years, I began to wonder how children develop opinions and how different factors shape how they interact with concepts in society. I am excited to work in a lab that explores topics like these, and considers race and gender as complex concepts. In my free time, I enjoy playing competitive tennis, reading, spending time with my friends and family, and watching a lot of T.V. shows.

Sarah Blossom

Research Assistant

 I have always loved working with children and I am very excited to be involved in a lab where I can see how children think and analyze the world around them. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, reading, and listening to music.

Noha El Touhky

Research Assistant

After being a camp counselor in Egypt for many years, I acquired a love for children and an interest in child development. I am very interested in how children become accustomed to new cultures when they move to different countries at a young age, and especially how they might develop differently when they transition from living in a collectivist culture to living in an individualist culture. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and dancing. 

Noa Scheinfeld

Research Assistant

Through working with kindergarten children in my school, I developed an interest in how children form thoughts and opinions about other people. I am so excited to be involved in a lab that studies how children make sense of the world so that I can finally apply my interests to science. In my free time I enjoy kickboxing, doing CrossFit, singing and having fun with my friends and family.

Zach Broadman

Research Assistant

Zach is a junior computer science major and psychology minor. He's interested in the ways children can build social-emotional intelligence that leads to self understanding and community building. He has taught physical education to kindergarteners, writing and math to highschoolers, and writing and computer science to college students. In his spare time, he cooks, rock climbs, and does improv comedy!

Brandon Alonso

Research Assistant

My interest in working with children has emerged from being a camp counselor and working with children in the area around Haverford. Along with my involvement in the Haverford community, I have taken many psychology and philosophy courses here at Haverford that have discussed identity and how it is shaped through gender, social class, race, etc.  I am interested in how these different parts of identity influence how children learn about the world around them.  In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, playing frisbee, and listening to music. 

Kat Turner

Research Assistant

I am a junior double major in psychology and Spanish. After working at a preschool in my hometown, I began to become interested in how children acquire knowledge about the world around them. I am excited to be able to contribute and learn in a lab that seeks to further understand the ways in which children construct the world around them. In my free time, I love to cook, ski, and spend time with friends.

Aaron Cohen

Research Assistant

After working with children aged 5-13 for several years in both a school and summer camp setting, I have developed a fascination with the development of social categories in the minds of children. I have always strived to become active in gaining an understanding of how the human mind perceives others. When not working, I enjoy playing soccer and singing in an a cappella group.


Dr. Galen Bodenhausen, Northwestern University

Dr. Jennifer Richeson, Yale University

Dr. Marjorie Rhodes, New York University

Dr. Andrei Cimpian, New York University

Dr. Erin Cooley, Colgate University

Dr. Jazmin Brown-Iannuzzi, University of Virginia

Dr. Jeremy Cone, Williams College

Dr. William Cipolli, Colgate University

Dr. Lauren Philbrook, Colgate University

Dr. Kimberly Quinn, DePaul University

Dr. Brad Mattan, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Tara Mandalaywala, University of Massachusetts,  Amherst

Dr. Michael Rizzo, New York University

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